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Dorset Waste Partnership

Using the Recycle for Dorset kerbside collection service, you can recycle the following:

  • cooked and uncooked food waste
  • wrapping paper (foil-based paper should be placed with rubbish)
  • Christmas cards
  • cardboard
  • tins and cans
  • plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays
  • plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays
  • glass bottles and jars (leave metal screw tops on)
  • household batteries (placed in battery bag)

Check what you can recycle using the Recycle for Dorset collection service.

The household recycling centres (HRCs) across Dorset are open during most of the festive period. They will only be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. On all other days, each centre will be open from 10am to 4pm.

Domestic Waste collection arrangements

Waste collection day is now FRIDAY. Your containers should be put out by 7.30am on Friday. The collection arrangements are :

  • EVERY WEEK - The larger Brown lockable food caddy will be emptied
  • Every FORTNIGHT - The small Black wheelie-bin of general rubbish will be emptied.
  • Every ALTERNATE FORTNIGHT - The large Green wheelie-bin of Recyclables will be emptied.

Please check the calendar below to see upon which Friday the Rubbish and Waste, or the Recycling and Food Waste, collections will be made.

They will collect up to two extra sacks of rubbish from beside your bin on the 31st December and extra recycling in your own boxes (no bags) on the 7th January 2019. Real Christmas trees can be disosed of by taking them to the Recycling Centre, St Georges Rd, Dorchester or some charities may collect.

Recycling Calendar

There are full details available on Dorset Waste Partnership's main web page at www.dorsetforyou.com/recycling-and-rubbish-collections.

For information:

The standard system provides:

  • A 240litre Green Wheelie Bin for recyclable material ( paper/card, tins & cans, plastics).
  • A 140litre Black Wheelie Bin for non-recyclable waste.
  • A green box (the one you have now) for glass.
  • A lockable brown kitchen waste bin, to be stored outside and accumulate the contents of the kitchen caddy when it is full. This lockable bin should put out for collection every week.
  • A 7litre kitchen food waste caddy for internal use only.

These containers have to be placed at the kerbside on the appropriate days: Recyclables and non-recyclable waste will be on alternate weeks, food waste every week.

You will be responsible for ensuring that your bins are at the roadside, but must not obstruct the pavement or road.

Where there are genuine reasons why the above arrangements are unsuitable, there are alternatives, which are not detailed in the pamphlet.

Full details are available in the DWP Policy Document which can be found on the DWP web pages here

A brief summary is:

(1) if there are 2 or less people occupying the property, then the recycling provision might be too large and it is possible to request a smaller 140litre Wheelie Bin for recyclables. Other provisions will remain as above.

(2) If any of the following apply:

  • No space anywhere within the property boundary to store the standard containers
  • The Wheelie Bins have to be brought through the house to get to the kerbside
  • you have to negotiate a flight of steps to reach the kerbside
  • there is nowhere at the roadside to safely leave the bins

The DWP may agree to the provision of 52 authorised plastic sacks for non-recyclable waste and up to 3 standard boxes for recyclables, plus the food waster caddies.

(3) Assisted Collection.

Where, due to genuine incapacity, you cannot get your waste to the kerbside using any of these containers, AND there is no other helper (including family member or neighbour) who can do it for you, the DWP may agree to "assisted collection" where they collect the containers from within your property.

If you feel that any of the above exceptions apply to you, please visit the DWP website at www.dorsetforyou.com/recyclefordorset/exceptions where you can find other details and the on-line application forms.

The above information has been compiled from pamphlets and website information produced by DWP. It is believed to be a correct interpretation of the information available, but no liability or responsibility can be accepted for any error or omissions. Please peruse the DWP website information carefully and satisfy yourself of the provisions and requirements before taking any action.