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10-07-2018    Parish Council Agenda & Meetings

Minutes for meeting of June 27th and Agenda for EOM Planning meeting 10 July 2108 added

03-07-2018    Home page updated

03-07-2018    Millennium Green News - updated

01-07-2018    Neighbourhood Plan - Adoption

The Neighbourhood Plan has now been Formally Adopted by West Dorset District Council and form part of the Planning Process.

30-06-2018    Events Diary

Events updated

27-06-2018    Planning Applications

Planning Applications updated

27-06-2018    News & Views

July/August 2018 issue of N&V now available.

27-06-2018    Gardens Club Summer Show

Garden Club Summer Show details and Entry Forms now available.

11-06-2018    Church Services & Readings timetable

Timetable updated to end August

11-06-2018    Church Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths

Register updated

07-06-2018    Dorset Police Ringmaster

Updated , new Theft & Scam warnings includedScam warning ref TSB, Mobile phone sim card and Phishing issues - IMPORTANT

11-04-2018    2018 Ironman 70.3 - 23/09/2018

road closure details added

18-02-2018    Post Office news


18-02-2018    Shops & Businesses advertisments

Alternative Post Office Facilities information added

12-02-2018    Defibrillator news updated

29-11-2017    Consultations

DCC Minerals & waste plan, Final consultation. Includes Green Waste at Bourne Park Farm. Closes 31 Jan 2018

25-06-2017    Parish Councillor list updated

Parish Councillor list and sub-committee posts updated

03-01-2017    Bridge Educational Trust

Application dates have been updated

20-11-2015    New "105" phone number for Power supply concerns

SSE have an emergency support service for people with medical issues that are dependant on electricty - details here.