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05-06-2021    Piddle Valley Parish council meeting, Tuesday 29 June

The May 2021 meeting will NOT be held, as there is insufficeint space in the Memoriall Hall to hold it under current Covid regulations.

06-05-2021    June Parish Council Meeting

It is expected that Covid restrictions will have been lifted by then, so this meeting will be held in the Memorial Hall at 7.30pm on 29th June

06-05-2021    Main home page updated - Shop & PO opening times altered

06-05-2021    Bin Roy Obituary

19-04-2021    Gardens Club page updated

19-04-2021    Events Diary

Events updated

13-04-2021    Church Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths

Register updated

13-04-2021    Church Services & Readings timetable

Updated timetable and details of April, May & June services

03-04-2021    Planning Applications

Planning Applications updated

15-08-2020    Valley Traffic - advanced warnings.

Road closures

14-06-2020    Millennium Green News - updated

06-05-2020    News & Views

May/June 2021 issue now available

23-01-2020    Shops & Businesses advertisments

Piddlehinton Gym Advert updated

12-09-2019    Piddlehinton Gym as a venue

Updated list of clubs using the Gym building, plus details of the facilities available.

12-09-2019    Neighbourhood Car Scheme details added

Details of the scheme are available from the article on the home page and the left side index.

17-07-2019    Dorset Police Ringmaster

Updated , new Thefts and Scams

17-05-2019    Church - Pew Sheets

These are now available again, via a direct link to the Benifice website.

01-01-2019    Consultations


11-11-2018    Defibrillator news updated

09-10-2018    Piddle Valley Parish Council

The Parish Council now has its own website

03-01-2017    Bridge Educational Trust

Application dates have been updated

20-11-2015    New "105" phone number for Power supply concerns

SSE have an emergency support service for people with medical issues that are dependant on electricty - details here.