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Reporting Highways & Rights of Way issues

DCC have now set up a dedicated page on their website www.dorsetforyou.co.uk where members of the public can notify them direct of defects or other maintenance issues relating to Public Highways.

There is also a page where one can report issues relating to Rights of Way.

Issues affecting travel on the B3143 and the immediate locality

Updated 11/04/2018

"Jurassic Beast" Cycle event - 19/05/2018

This is advance notification of the event, running from Bovington Tank Museum. It is NOT a race event and does not involve road closures, but is notification that there will be a significant number of cyclists using the local roads on that day.

Further details are available here.

Dorchester Marathon - 27/05/2018

Notification from Dorchester Rotary Club that their Marathon will be run again this year. It will involve partial road closures, as last year. Updated details (at 11/05/2018) are available here and will be updated again as more is known.

2018 Ironman 70.3 Weymouth - 23 September 2017

The Ironman competition will be run again this year, Along the same route as last year and involving the ssame road closures.

However, it is important that everyone is aware that the race will involve the complete Legal closure to all traffic movement, enforced by the Police, of the following roads. Using the closed roads may lead to prosecution by the Police and your insurance may be invalid.

  • B3143 Valley road from the A35 at Puddletown, through Lower Waterston, Piddlehinton, Piddletrenthide, Alton Pancras, Buckland Newton, Pulham to Kings Stag, closed to all traffic from 0730 to 1200hrs
  • The Holwell Road from Kings Stag to Middlemarsh, via Holwell and Glanvilles Wooton will be closed to all traffic from 0800-1230hrs.
  • The C12 (top Sherborne Rd) will be closed from Middlemarsh right through to Charminster and then Frome Whitfield to the Showground closed to all traffic from 0800-1330hrs.

It must be noted that, for safety reasons, NO VEHICLES will be allowed on the closed roads, other than for "Blue light" vehicles and escorted private vehicles for which specific prior arrangements have been made with the Race Organisers. It is therefore essential that anyone who needs visits from Nurses, Carers etc, or businesses for whom access during the Sunday morning is critical, makes direct contact with the Organisers. Anyone who has to make personal journeys is advised to depart before the roads are closed or delay departure until the roads are re-opened. Anyone requiring medical help should call 999. Vets will be escorted through the Closures, but contact with Race Control must be made in advance.

This does mean that between the hours of 0730 and 1200hrs, approximately, it will generally not be possible for any residents to travel at all on that morning. You are therefore advised that it is essential to plan accordingly in advance.

Should you wish to discuss road access in further detail please contact Rebecca Sutherland initially on weymouth70.3@ironmanroadaccess.com or phone 01235 390880.

If you would like to explore the volunteering opportunities that are still available as a parish, community group or individual, please contact Melissa of the Weymouth Volunteer team via the Weymouth volunteer page, who will be able to discuss / share in more detail.

Plan of route as at 11/04/18
Route Plan