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The Piddle Valley Parish Council has its own dedicated website from 10th October 2018

These pages have been retained here for reference purposes only.

They will NOT be updated


There are two vacancies following Members standing down in Piddlehinton and Alton Pancras and the Parish Council is seeking to co-opt new members. The term of office will be until the next election in May 2019, when all Members must be re-elected.

The Good Councillors Guide can be viewed on the following link; Please contact the Clerk on the below email to request a copy of the Co-option Policy which includes the application form and eligibility criteria.

Applications, in writing, together with a brief statement of reasons why a person wishes to be a Councillor (we supply a form) are invited from parishioners who feel they could contribute to the working of the Council and would wish to be considered.

Applications should be sent by 29 October 2018, to:

The Clerk, Piddle Valley Parish Council, 3 Ash Hill, Stratton, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 9RS.


The PIDDLE VALLEY NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN was supported by the majority of voters and has now been formally approved and adopted by West Dorset District Council on 1st July 2018. It now forms part of the Statutory Planning Framework applicable to Planning Applications within the Piddle Valley Parish Council Planning Area.

Ongoing matters

Public Consultations

Flooding Issues update Report - 09/2017

Piddle Valley Flood Investigation Report - Final (Dec 2016) (under the heading 'Duty to Investigate')

Piddle Valley Flooding investigations - update August 2016

Minutes of meeting with Wessex Water ref Sewer issues May 2016

Minutes of meeting with Wessex Water ref Sewer issues Jan 2015

Wessex Water Inflow Management Plan 2014/15

Wessex Water Inflow Management Plan 2013/14

Index of News items


Piddletrenthide Post Office - Outreach Service


Replacement for the 307 Bus service to Dorchester / "Ring & Ride"



"Defibrillators - Latest News"


Updates to the Definitive Rights of Way Map, Piddlehinton &: Piddletrenthide


Flooding Issues update Reports


Piddletrenthide Sandbag Store & Aqua-sacs.


Police Community Support - revised visits - 27/07/2017


New phone number for reporting power cuts

Southern Electric Priority Support Service.

Police 101 phone service

Keep Warm campaign


DCC - "RunAClub"

Community sector web based funding and support resources

Piddletrenthide Playground bin

"SID" - Speed indicating device


Byway Status appeals


Dorset Citizens Advice Bureau.


Piddlehinton "Windfall" donation

Traffic Speeds & reporting

A reminder to dog owners


Scams and Frauds


Parking on the road at Piddle Valley First School

help with housing

Healthwatch Dorset



Democratic "half-hour"

Fly Tipping

Enterprise Park Transit Camp site


Waste Collection arrangements

Report property flooding to the Council

Special Constables

DIAL Access Dorset

River maintenance

First Responders

Bench Maintenance

Piddletrenthide Post Office Outreach Service - 31/08/2018

The Post Office service will be reinstated in the village shop at Piddletrenthide as a temporary Hosted Outreach service from 13.30-15.30pm every Monday from 3rd September 2108.

There are a wide range of services you can undertake including the following:

  • Business, personal and CAF banking (including cheque deposit, cash deposits and withdrawals up to your usual ATM limit)
  • Standard and international postage as well as Parcelforce for larger items
  • Bill payments
  • Mobile phone top ups

Chris at Cerne Abbas Stores will be usually hosting this outreach and will be more than happy to assist you with any queries on the services we can provide. Phone 01300 341395

A list of other local Post Offices is available on the 'Adverts' page of this site


Updates to the Definitive Rights of Way Map

Dorset County Council have advised us of small changes to the working copy of the definitive map and statement of public rights of way affecting Piddlehinton and Piddletrenthide, as follows:

1. Following a public inquiry held in 1982 as part of the Review of the definitive map and statement the Secretary of State decided to add the short Bridleway 24, Piddlehinton east of Bourne Farm near the parish boundary with Puddletown (and continuing as Bridleway 49, Puddletown). The County Council received the Sec of State’s Direction to show it as a bridleway in December 1985. However, subsequently the path was not drawn accurately on the definitive map sealed in 1989 and was shown too far south, on the southern side of the field boundary that was there at the time. The route has now been corrected and the change shown on our interactive GIS map showing public rights of way, Dorset Explorer, which may be viewed here. For your information I attach a copy of the Secretary of State’s Direction, a plan showing the line claimed by the Ramblers’ Association at the Review and an extract from of the 1902 Ordnance Survey map. I also attach a copy of the relevant pages from the definitive statement although, in this case, there is no change to the statement.

2. Following a public inquiry held in March 1982 Footpath 39, Piddletrenthide was added to the 1989 definitive map but drawn incorrectly, being shown too far west. The amended route is shown here and a copy of the Secretary of State’s Direction in 1985, the map used for the claimed route and an extract from the 1902 Ordnance Survey map is attached. I also attach an extract from the definitive statement. (Please note that the northern part of this path was extinguished in 2003 when BR 9 was diverted.)

The changes will be added to the next bulk modification order, which will be made shortly, this will be the legal authority to make the amendments to the definitive map and statement.

The documents mentioned above are:


The Piddle Valley Parish Council has set up a working group to look at the possibility of a Community Car Scheme in the Piddle Valley. Buckland Newton, Cerne Abbas and Puddletown all have these schemes.

The Dorchester Community Car scheme have agreed to extend their area to include the Piddle Valley for appointments at Dorchester Hospital. Contact Joan Hutson Telephone: 01305 269330.

NORDCAT have said that they would be willing to administer the scheme for us, so the administration would be taken care of.

The key to the success of a community car scheme is car drivers who are available to spare some time to drive people to the doctors or to a hospital appointment.

If you put your name forward, do not think that you will have to accept all requests for help you receive. The more people who volunteer, the less times you may be asked to help.

The mileage allowance is 50p/mile, and this can be claimed from home address, to the pick-up point, to the doctors/hospital, back to the pick-up point, and back to your home address.

This project is in its infancy. However, to know if it is viable, we need drivers. Please contact one of your Parish Councillors with your name, contact details, and address to express an interest, and they can forward your details to the Transport Working Group.

Replacement for the 307 Bus service to Dorchester / "Ring & Ride" - 02/07/18

10/02/2018 - The Piddle Valley Parish Council have set up a working group to research options available to us to maintain a public bus service in the Piddle Valley.

At the request of residents from Whitemans Orchard a meeting was held on the 15th December 2017 with our County Councillor, Jill Haynes. NORDCAT, Magna Housing, Piddle Valley Parish Council, and Tim Christian(community bus-Blandford) attended.

As a result of this meeting the Working Group sent out leaflets to all households in the Piddle Valley in the first week of January. 700 leaflets were distributed. It was included in your copy of the News and Views. The leaflet asked what requirements you had for a bus service in the Piddle Valley.

Sadly, only 6 replies have been received.

The leaflet also included details of NORDCAT who are willing to provide a bus service to Dorchester and Sturminster Newton. NORDCAT also accept free Bus Passes.

Again, sadly, as we understand it, so far, they have only received one request for a bus Service.

Please, if you need a bus to get to Dorchester, you must return the form to a member of the Parish Council. Unless there is an identified need for a bus, we cannot take this project forward. The Dorset County Council subsidised Wednesday bus also needs to be supported if it is to continue.

01/11/2017 - Details of the current availability of Bus and Community Car transport, together with the campaign to improve these, is available on the Parish Council pages


The "Ring and Ride" service offered by DCC needs an average minimum of 6 passengers per journey to make it viable. Through October, this has been achieved on Wednesdays, but not Fridays. We have been informed that the Friday service will therefore cease at the end of this week. The Wednesday service will continue for another month.

The Parish Council is investigating various options and possible co-ordination with the NORDCAT service and Buckland Newton Community bus, to see whether additional services can be provided to the Valley.

Meanwhile, we will try to keep you informed of progress through this website.

10/10/2017 - There continues to be uncertainty about the temporary "ring and ride" bus service being run to replace the 307. At the time of writing (10/10/2017) we understand that this is still running on a month-to-month basis, as there has so far been just enough interest for it to almost break even financially. Please would anyone who would benefit from this service make as much use of it as possible.

The Parish Council have set up a group to investigate all options for travel within the Piddle Valley and are talking to bus companies and Community Car Schemes to try to extend the Services that already exist.

The Parish Council will try to keep you informed - please check with the page of our website for the latest news. We will also try to keep the notices in the bus shelters up to date.

23/07/2017 - You will hopefully be aware that Damory Bus Company have ceased to provide the 307 service which ran through the Valley to Dorchester. While other options are being investigated, Dorset County Council have arranged for a temporary "Ring and Ride" service to operate for the next few months.

It will run from near the school in Piddletrenthide to Trinity St on Wednesdays & Fridays, leaving at 1000hrs and returning at 1300hrs. It is essential that you book your journey in advance and Bus Passes will not be accepted. If there is sufficient demand, it is possible that the service may be expanded in frequency or could serve further up the Valley to Alton Pancras.

Full details are on This poster .

If you need this service on different days or to serve locations further up the Valley, please let your local Parish Councillor know, so that we can co-ordinate any further action.

Bus service changes in Dorset - 23/07/2017

Dorset County Council has recently let new contracts for the provision of Passenger Transport. These new contracts have led to a number of changes to the public transport network which will come into force from 23 July.

Dorset Travel has been working with transport operators to minimise disruption and maximise transport coverage. We have now finalised what is happening to the majority of public transport routes in the county.

The attached PDF provides a further update of these changes for all routes that are affected. This should help answer any queries regarding the upcoming changes to the public transport network.

Please note: The upcoming changes listed are for the Dorset County Council area only, not Bournemouth and Poole.

Police Community Support - revised visits - 27/07/2017

Our PCSO Alison Donnison has altered her routine visits to the Valley.

She will now be alternating her visits on the 3rd Friday of each month between Piddletrenthide Shop & Post Office and Piddlehinton Village Hall, starting on the 17th August and 21st September respectivly, between 1430and 1500hrs. If she is not at the location when you call, she may be on foot in the village. Please call and see her if there is anything you feel she could help you with.

Flooding Issues update Reports
Upper Piddle Flood Management Scheme (01/11/2017)

DCC will be holding an Open Meeting in the Memorial Hall, Piddletretnhide, on 6th December 2017 between 4.00pm and 8.00pm, to table their initial plans for management of the River Piddle and adjoining farmland, to reduce the incidence of flooding of residential property. Anyone interested is welcome to attend. Further details will be posted here when available.

Sep 2017-

A presentation about this project was given at the September Parish Council meeting. Drop-in sessions will be held in the next couple of months. Dates and times will be posted on the Website and noticeboards.

08/10/2017 - Dorset County Council have advised us that "they are pleased to advise that their Flood Risk Management Team has secured funding from Defra to undertake a Natural Flood Management (NFM) Project in the Upper Headwaters of the River Piddle. They will be working in partnership with the Environment Agency, Wessex Water, Natural England's Catchment Sensitive Farming Team and other key stakeholders, to reduce the risk of downstream flooding in the Piddle Valley by 'slowing the flow' of surface water run-off through NFM interventions, while also providing benefits to biodiversity that NFM will bring.

Interventions may include; improving soil infiltration, installing small bunds and hedgerows along flow pathways, contour ploughing, and reinstating wet woodlands and watermeadows. The majority of the interventions will be on farmland and we will be working with the local farmers and landowners in Plush, Alton Pancras, Piddletrenthide and Piddlehinton to help deliver this project. We would also welcome the Parish Council's involvement with this project. This is in the very early stages but we will be looking to arrange stakeholder meetings and community drop in's in the Autumn, and I will advise you of these nearer the time." Further information can be found here.

Environment Agency Report (August 2016) on works undertaken and proposals for further studies and works to alleviate flooding in the valley.

Further details will be posted here as they are available.

The Environment Agency have arranged a public "drop-in" meeting at Piddletrenthide Memorial Hall on 29th June from 1600 to 1900 hrs, to discuss drainage issues.

Wessex Water are to attend that meeting to update you on proposals for two further storm overflow pumping stations - probably at Church Lane and Rectory Road - to help alleviate sewer surcharging during times of heavy rainfall and high groundwater. Minutes of the meeting on 6th May between Oliver Letwin, Wessex Water and the Parish Council are now available.

New phone number to report or enquire about power cuts - "105" (01/11/2016)

105 is a new free telephone number that people in England, Scotland and Wales can call to report or get information about power cuts in their area. It will put people straight through to their local network operator. The public can also call 105 if they spot damage to electricity power lines and substations that could put themselves, or someone else, in danger. If there is a serious immediate risk, people should call the emergency services too by dialling 999.

You can call 105 no matter who you choose to buy electricity from. To find out who your network operator is, visit

Southern Electric Priority Support Service (Nov 2015)

SSE have advised that they provide an emergency support service for individuals or areas where there are special needs, in the event of a significant power cut. They can provide additional help if you have particular medical needs at home and are dependent on electricity.

Examples are where you :

  • Rely on kidney dialysis equipment
  • Are recovering from a major operation
  • Have a very young baby in the family
  • Are blind or partially sighted
  • Have special communication needs

They have an explanatory leaflet or more information can be obtained from their website

Contact numbers are:- freephone 0800 294 3259; mobile 0345 072 1900; textphone 0800 316 5457.

If you have need of their services, or know someone else who does, please do not hesitate to contact SSE direct.

Piddletrenthide Sandbag Store & Aqua-sacs.


Anyone who is at risk of surface water flooding and might have a need for sandbags to keep water out of their property may be interested in this product (other similar products are also available). It is a package of lightweight sacks filled with a water absorbing gel. They are used in the same way as the traditional sandbag, the gel absorbing water and swelling to form a good seal to the building. The advantage is that, when dry, they are much smaller to store than sandbags and lighter to handle. Anyone interested in the product can find more details on the internet ( search for Aqua-sac). There is a "youtube" video at

NB: The Parish Council makes no recommendation about this or any other product or supplier. There are other similar products available and it is the responsibility of the individual purchaser to satisfy themselves as to its suitability for themselves. It is also the responsibility of the property owner to arrange their own flood protection.

Feb 2017 - the Piddletrenthide sandbag store has moved from Racklands to the barns/garage at Meadow View, opposite the Piddletrenthide First School.

Please also be aware that there will be flood signs stored at this location - these have been secured by the Parish Council to be deployed at locations agreed with Dorset County Council, and are not for public use.

PLEASE ONLY TAKE SANDBAGS FOR THE PROTECTION OF DWELLINGS. If anyone is in need of sandbags, please contact Chris Ebdon, Chairman, on 01300 348964, or if he is not available, your Parish Councillor.

Thanks to Paul and Kay for allowing us to use their garage as a central location for the storage of the sandbags.

Dorset Police - Calls to 101 and 999

A large percentage of calls received by Dorset Police are for other agencies and not a matter for the police. Please ensure you are contacting the most appropriate agency to assist you with your enquiry.

You should contact your local council with issues such as:

Roads and transport

  • Report a road issue
  • Live travel alerts
  • Parking issues
  • Driveway obstructions
  • Recycling and rubbish

  • Bin collections
  • Recycling
  • Litter
  • Dog fouling
  • Planning and housing

  • Street lighting
  • Leisure and culture

  • Parks
  • Environmental Health

  • Noise complaints including parties
  • Pest control
  • Lost/found animals
  • Fly tipping
  • Bonfires and fireworks
  • Trading standards

Do you need the police? Please, think before you call 101.


Do It Online is a contact portal that can be found on the front page of the Police website Here you can select the service most appropriate to your enquiry and complete the form as directed. Please give as much information as you can to help them answer your enquiry.

The Do It Online function enables you to make enquiries without the need of calling 101, therefore saving your time and any unnecessary expense.

  • Report a crime or Incident - If you have something to report, which isn't happening now, please use this form
  • Request a call back - You can ask them to give you a call back at a time that suits you by going to this section of the website
  • Message for an Officer - If you would like to leave a message for a specific employee you can do so online
  • Make a complaint - If you wish to make a complaint or leave feedback for them you can do so using the new Complaints or other Feedback form
  • Freedom of information - Would you like to obtain some information under the Freedom of Information Act? Please visit this section of the website
  • Compliments & feedback - You can use this section, to provide them with comments, compliments and suggestions about the service they provide
  • General enquiry - You can make a general enquiry quickly and easily without the need to call 101 and wait in a queue.
  • Email us - You can send an email to
  • Call us - If you cannot use the online services, call 101 for non-emergency issues
  • Finally, remember: in an emergency, dial 999


This project is funded by the British Gas Energy Trust which is an independent charity and a separate legal entity to British Gas

  • Do you find it hard to pay your gas and electricity bills?
  • Is your home hard to heat?
  • Would you like to check you are getting all the benefits and financial help you are entitled to?
  • Is keeping warm in winter made more difficult by poor health, having a disability, mental health issues, having young children under 5, or living 'off gas'?

If you answered YES to one of these questions, we can help you though our Healthy Homes Project with: advice, benefit claims, switching suppliers, home improvements and loans and grants. CONTACT:

DCC - "RunAClub"

Dorset County Council recently purchased the RunAClub platform which is an online administration system that provides support for small, voluntary sector organisations that are based and undertake their activity in the shire county of Dorset.

If you are interested in finding out more about RunAClub, DCC are holding workshops on Wednesday 14 September 2016 to give you a chance to speak to RunAClub staff and organisations currently using RunAClub.

If you are interested in reserving a place on the workshop, please contact Charlie Naerger ( by Friday 19th August 2016. Leaving your contact details, name of organisation you are seeking a licence for, type of organisations (eg charity, unregistered voluntary org etc), annual financial income of the organisation and type of activity the organisation delivers.

Community sector web based funding and support resources

Dorset County Council has invested in a number of online tools and support for Dorset's communities to access, in addition to the strategic grants to a series of infrastructure support organisations.

These are now available within the Support for Voluntary and Community Organisations pages on

They would like to draw your particular attention to the Dorset Fundfinder tool as this will enable community groups to search (at no charge) for current open grant funds to maximise their chances of obtaining future external funding. To compliment this Dorset Community Action have kindly shared their level 1 funding related information and factsheets.

Laura Cornette, Contracts and Grants Officer, County Hall

Piddletrenthide Playground bin.

Aug 2016 - Unfortunately, due to the continuing problems with the amount and type of domestic refuse that has continued to be dumped in this bin, which was intended solely for sweet wrappers etc, the Parish Council has voted for the bin to be removed. Would parents ( and children) now please take all their rubbish home with them.

Can we please remind anyone using the playground and school parking area that the waste bin is provided by the Parish Council for the litter from sweets wrappers etc. It is NOT emptied by Dorset Waste Partnership - the individual Parish Councillors, when inspecting the play area, have to take the rubbish home with them and add it to their own domestic waste. Finding the bin full of rotting food, used nappies and general rubbish from cleaning out of cars is less than pleasant, as you can imagine, even when it actually gets put into the bag. Would residents please take their rubbish home with them wherever possible.

Byway status (BOATS) Oct 2016

We understand that the appeal against the Inspector's decision regarding these tracks has been rejected and the Inspector's decision upheld.

01/02/2016 - We understand that the Planning Inspectorate Hearing into the proposal that the routes from Snowdrop Corner to Doles Wood and Chalky Knapp to Doles Wood has been completed and the Inspector has confirmed the original findings that Snowdrop-Doles will be classified as a BOAT(Byway open to all traffic) and Chalky Knapp will be classified as a Restricted Byway ( open to non-motorised traffic).

Dorset CAB

Dorset CAB offers free, impartial, advice on any problems, including Benefits, Relationships, Housing, Debt, Education and Employment. They have Bureau offices at Dorchester and Sherborne and also offer Outreach sessions at the GP surgeries in Cerne Abbas and Maiden Newton. They can also arrange Home Visits if necessary.

They can be contacted via their website uk", phone 0344 245 1291 or 01305 751514. Email

Piddlehinton Windfall Donation -

Update - Aug 2017. The Speed Display device has been bought and is regularly positioned in Piddlehinton on Church Hill and Rectory Rd. 5 Defibrillators have been installed in the Valley by the Parish Council- see separate page. The "Millennium Belle" boat on the Green was, regrettably, declared beyond repair and the Trustees have now insalled a replacement boat. New Heaters have been installed in the Village Hall.

At the meeting on 13th November 2015, attended by 28 villagers, it was decided that the fund would be distributed 40% to the Village Hall for heating improvements, 25% to the Millennium Green towards the renovation of the "Millennium Belle" boat, 25% towards the cost of a permanent Speed Indication Display (in the expectation that this will help slow the spped of vehicles through the village) and 10%towards the cost of one defibrillator for the village. A flyer has been delivered to all households in the village detailing this.

December 2015 - The community of Piddlehinton have been given a £10,000 donation - 1/3 from Farm Power Apollo and 2/3 from Bourne Park Solar - following the successful development of the Solar Power arrays at Bourne. The monies are currently being held by the Parish Council on behalf of the community and we will be holding a Village Meeting in Piddlehinton in the autumn, date to be advised, at which ideas for possible projects will be received and discussed. The donors have indicated that they would prefer the money to be used for some "energy saving scheme or schemes". Not necessarily solely within the village, but certainly to the benefit of the villagers. Please give thought to possible projects upon which you would like to see some or all of the money spent and bring those ideas to the meeting.

Scams and Frauds

Dorset Police are now sending regular news items about current scams and frauds of which you should be aware. Details are being added to the "Dorset Police Ringmaster" section of the website. Please do look at this, as it will keep you aware of any issues that may affect the valley.

Please also remember - If it is something unexpected, or sounds too good to be true or even just doesn't immediately ring true, then it probably is some form of scam and should be avoided. The Police link will also provide information about how to report scam calls or check if they are known about.

"SID" - Speed Indication Device" - 31/05/2016/div>

Piddlehinton now has its own "SID", courtesy of the "Village Windfall" donation, which is operated by a sub-committee of the Parish Council, under the authority of the DCC Highways Department. It will be regulary deployed and moved around the village, in the hope that this may help to reduce general traffic speeds.

Traffic Speeds - 20/10/2015

Neil Herbert, Speeedwatch co-ordinator, attended the last PC meeting to advise on the situation with Speedwatch in the Valley. 43 Speedwatch sessions have been held since 2014 in the stretch between Piddlehinton and Duntish. 380 vehicles out of 5,500 have been reported to the Police as recorded as exceeding the speed limit. The Police will then take action on repeat offenders as appropriate.

Piddlehinton currently has 8 volunteers, Piddlehinton has 7. Each session requires at least 3 trained volunteers to attend. Sessions are held at Police approved locations, but at the volunteers' discretion and timing. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Neil in the first instance.

If anyone wishes to report problems with perceived excessive vehicle speed in a particular location ( as opposed to specific vehicles) then the link to use is

Previous note 22/12/13 :- The problem of reducing traffic speeds through the Valley continues to exercise the minds of all.

As reported in the Neighbourhood Plan section of the November/December 2013 PVNV edition, a Community Speed Watch has been set up by Dorset Police in conjunction with members of local communities to operate speed checking equipment in Piddlehinton, Piddletrenthide, Alton Pancras, Buckland Newton and Duntish. At present the group has over twenty volunteers, who commenced this activity early in 2014. Anyone interested in joining this group please contact Dorset Police by telephoning 101 or via their website link

One of the most effective solutions would be for residents in the valley to ensure that they themselves do not exceed the speed limit! - There are no real opportunities for overtaking, so that should automatically control a lot of the traffic for free. Research nationally has shown that in most areas where speed is seen an issue, it is predominantly the local residents who are to blame!

Parking on the road at Piddle Valley First School

Parking on the road at Piddle Valley First School. This is continuing to cause concern, with the number of people parking on the road & pavement by the school, or in Northover Close, causing danger to the children, pedestrians, motorists & horses. Would parents please avoid using cars unless absolutely essential. Walking to & from school is healthier, safer, gives time to talk to your children and other parents. The Highway Code gives the following information regarding parking at junctions:-

Here are 4 sections of the Highway code that all of us who live in the Piddle Valley need to observe to keep our residents, either 2 legged or 4, safe, especially in the areas around the School, the Village shop and the Village Halls.

DO NOT stop or park

  • near a school entrance
  • anywhere you would prevent access for Emergency Services
  • at or near a bus or tram stop or taxi rank
  • on the approach to a level crossing/tramway crossing
  • opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space
  • near the brow of a hill or hump bridge
  • opposite a traffic island or (if this would cause an obstruction) another parked vehicle
  • where you would force other traffic to enter a tram lane
  • where the kerb has been lowered to help wheelchair users and powered mobility vehicles
  • in front of an entrance to a property
  • on a bend
  • where you would obstruct cyclists' use of cycle facilities except when forced to do so by stationary traffic.

You should not park partially or wholly on the pavement unless signs permit it. Parking on the pavement can obstruct and seriously inconvenience pedestrians, people in wheelchairs or with visual impairments and people with prams or pushchairs. GL(GP)A sect 15

Animals. When passing animals, drive slowly. Give them plenty of room and be ready to stop. Do not scare animals by sounding your horn, revving your engine or accelerating rapidly once you have passed them. Look out for animals being led, driven or ridden on the road and take extra care. Keep your speed down at bends and on narrow country roads. If a road is blocked by a herd of animals, stop and switch off your engine until they have left the road. Watch out for animals on unfenced roads. Horse riders and horse-drawn vehicles. Be particularly careful of horse riders and horse-drawn vehicles especially when overtaking. Always pass wide and slowly. Horse riders are often children, so take extra care and remember riders may ride in double file when escorting a young or inexperienced horse or rider. Look out for horse riders' and horse drivers' signals and heed a request to slow down or stop. Take great care and treat all horses as a potential hazard.

Dog Waste

20/10/2015 - A recent complaint of continued dog fouling in a public place was made by a local resident to the Dog Warden Service, who visited both parties within an hour or so of the call. They also advised that "you'll be seeing us more in future". The Wardens have the power to report offenders for prosecution if fouling occurs. Would dog owners please ensure that they take suitable plastic bags with them when they exercise their pets, then dispose of them either in their own bin at home, or one of the public waste bins in the valley. Abandoning the bag by the side of a path is not acceptable. Please note, the bin at the children's playground is not a public bin and has to be emptied by the Parish Council, so should not be used for dog waste ( or used nappies, either, please!)

There have also been reported incidents of a dog not being under proper control and being aggressive to others, particularly around the Playing Field. Please ensure your pet is properly restrained and under control at all times, as failure to do so is also an offence. Any member of the public can report fouling or other dog problems to the District Council Dog Warden service on 01305 251010

01/05/2015 - We are sorry to announce that the problem of dog waste being left on public pathways and in fields has been raised yet again. Despite entreaties for people to collect their dog's waste and either take it home for disposal in the domestic refuse ( yes, that is now permitted by Dorset Waste Partnership), or to put it in one of the few public refuse bins in the villages, the problem persist - especially in the lane behind the Piddle Inn. The Parish Council has therefore , reluctantly, informed the Dog Warden at West Dorset DC of the problem and asked for regular patrols to be instigated. Anyone found not clearing up after their dog will receive a fixed penalty fine.

08/10/14 - A reminder to dog owners that putting the waste in a plastic bag and then throwing it into the fields or hedgerows is dangerous to cattle, unsightly, a health risk to children and does not compost away. Please take it home with you and put it in your fortnightly waste. Dorset Waste Partnership confirm that putting pet waste in the rubbish collection is permitted.

Dog Fouling problems

The perennial issue of the result of exercising dogs has been raised again by members of the Public at several Parish Council meetings, in relation to the appalling state of the track and verges behind the Piddle Inn, parts of West Lane, Egypt and London Rd, Piddlehinton.

If you are exercising a dog, it is not acceptable to just ignore what it has left on the track. You would not like to step in it, so why leave it for others to do so?. If for some reason you cannot carry a plastic bag with you on a walk to collect and remove it, would you at least please kick (or flick, using a stick) the offending material into the undergrowth at the track side, so it is out of the area used by children and adults.

The practice of putting it in a bag and then hanging it on the nearest tree or gatepost is also unacceptable. It cannot then naturally rot and the festoon of bags is unsightly.

There is no "them" to clear it up afterwards, so please take it home and put it in the waste bin. If the problems continue, it may be necessary to ask the District Council dog wardens to patrol the area.

Help with housing

A reminder to those who receive help with housing that they need to re-register - District Councillor Jackie Cuff raised this so if you need further information she will be able to give you details.

She can be contacted on 01935 426624 or email

Healthwatch Dorset

Healthwatch is the independent consumer champion for health and social care, created to gather and represent the views of the public. Healthwatch is playing a role at both national and local level and is making sure that the views of the public and the people who use their services, are taken into account. They are looking for Healthwatch Champions - more information contact Chris Wakefield Tel:0300 111 0102 or email or Website:

Democratic "half-hour"

A nominal 30 minutes is set aside at the star of each Parish Council meeting, for members of the public to raise any issues about which they have concerns, ask questions of the Council or make comments. When the Chair considers that those matters have been adequately dealt with, the meeting moves into its formal element. From that point on, members of the public are welcome to remain and listen to proceedings, but they may not speak on any issue. However, if the Chair considers that a person in the audience would be able to provide the Council with any information or answers to questions which would aid the Council in their deliberations, that person may be invited to speak briefly on the matter.

Fly Tipping.

There has been a sudden increase in the amount of fly tipping being experienced in the Valley. Some has been at Enterprise Park, but also in Egypt and White Lackington. It is a criminal offence to tip rubbish. If anyone sees or hears anything which might lead to apprehension of the culprits, please contact either the Police on 101, or the Environment Agency or the Local Council.


We have been asked by the Fire Service to request that anyone lighting a bonfire should contact them on 01305 753166 beforehand, so the Fire Service is forewarned. This means that if there is subsequently a report of a possible fire in the vicinity, they can check with the householder first before turning out the retained Firefighters. This will save considerable costs and also mean that the appliance will not be tied up unnecessarily when it might be required at a serious fire elsewhere.

The Dorset Fire Service have produced a short guidance note regarding bonfires.

Enterprise Park Transit Camp site

The site is now in operation and has already been put to use. If residents in the Valley experience problems which they believe may be associated with the operation of this site, please ensure your local Parish Councillor, and if necessary the Police, are informed so that it can be investigated and appropriate records can be kept. If there are genuine problems arising from the use of the site, these records will be of great help in making a case to the County Council that the temporary planning consent is not renewed in three years time.

Report property flooding to the Council

It appears that there is a form available on the Council's website for you to report flooding of property.

If your property has flooded please report it by completing the form at www.dorsetfor This will not trigger an immediate response from any agency, however the information will be shared between the Environment Agency, the Lead Local Flood Authority, local authorities, water companies, highways authorities and emergency services to, for instance, help them plan future flood defence schemes and to inform the public about whether there is a risk of flooding in a particular area.

It will be of great help to have this information collected as close to the time of the event as possible, as otherwise any planning will be restricted by lack of detailed, contemporary information.

Special Constables

If you are interested in volunteering as a Special Constable, contact or call 101

DIAL Access Dorset - 01202 430113

This is a dedicated helpline to provide information and advice on all aspects of Independent Living.

It is open 5 days per week, Mon-Fri 10am to 4pm, with an answering service out of hours.

It can help with Rights and Discrimination, Aids and adaptations in the home, Social & Leisure activities, Safety, Transport, Signposting to support Groups and Organisations.

It is also a third party Hate Crime Reporting Centre. They can provide support to help deal with any distressing incident, such as bullying & harassment, and reporting to the Police anonymously if requested.

Maintenance of the River Piddle

The Environment Agency (EA) have confirmed that the Piddle is Main River up to a point about 100m North of Church Lane in Piddletrenthide. This would be at about "Meadowside", where the stream from Morningwell Pond joins. The Environment Agency are the Responsible Authority for Main Rivers. Beyond "Meadowside", West Dorset District Council is the Responsible Authority.

The EA have produced a useful booklet called 'Living on the edge', which is a guide to the rights and responsibilities of the various Organisations and also the people who have land and property bordering or through which there is a watercourse.

Bench Maintenance.

The two benches which have been placed at the entrance to Wightman's Orchard and on the verge by the river bridge in Piddlehinton are both in need of maintenance. If anyone wishes to volunteer to undertake this, please contact your local Parish Councillor.

First Responder proposal

Despite the original interest shown in setting up a "First Responder" service in the valley, this has not been followed up by anyone coming forward to help.

The Parish Council has therefore dropped the proposal.