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West Dorset District Council have advised that the Final Plan is acceptable and they are now preparing for Public Referendum on Formal Adoption of the Document.

The Final version for the Referendum can be seen here.

The likely date for the Referendum is Thursday 19th April 2018 and the District Council will be sending Voting Cards to all eligible persons in due course.

Neighbourhood Plan - progress in 2017

The District Council accepted the draft Neighbourhood Plan as a valid document and it was then subject to formal public consultation and then an Independent Examiner's review. Unfortunately, a significant number of objections were made by the Examiner, resulting in protracted discussions and delays.

The Parish Council have agreed that the most appropriate way forward was to accept the Examiner's comments, as otherwise the whole process would have to have been begun again.

The District Council, on behalf of the Parish Council, have now prepared a final Draft Version, incorporating the Examiner's comments, and this has now been accepted for Public Referendum

Neighbourhood Plan - Submitted Documents - April 2016

THe Parish Council have now submitted the proposed Neighbourhood Plan for the Piddle Valley to West Dorset District Council for formal consideration and approval.

As the local planning authority, the District Council is required to consult on the submitted plan proposals before the examination takes place. The consultation period will run for a period of six weeks from Friday 13 May 2016 until Friday 24 June 2016. This gives individuals and organisations an opportunity to raise concerns they may have had about the plan with regard to the content and how it has been prepared. An independent examiner will then be appointed and any concerns will be passed on to them for consideration as part of the examination process.

Further details can be found on the District Council website at www.dorsetforyou.com/piddle-valley-neighbourhood-plan

The Documents submitted by the Parish Council for consideration are: