Neighbourhood Plan
Working Group Membership

As at 1st July 2018, the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group has been disbanded, following the Formal Adoption by West Dorset District Council of the Piddle Valley Neighbourhood Plan.

The Group members are shown below for information purposes only.

Name Group

Paul JohnsChair
Dave Abbott PC, transport
Steve Brackstone Village rep, White Lackington
Dot Browning PVNV, energy
Richard Cake environment, housing
Peter Chance environment, transport, village rep Plush
Gill Christian Housing
Cllr Jacqui Cuff District Councillor
John Cox PC Chairman, finance, transport
Colin Dean Village rep Alton Pancras
Phil Gardiner housing, business
Neil Herbert transport, energy
Paul Johns internal communications
Malcolm Johnston housing, energy
Lucy Johnston environment
Janet Keen transport
Sally Lloyd-Jacob District Council liaison
Matt Soul transport
Annie Soul business, environment
Vicky Steven Village rep, Piddlehinton
Jane Willitts PC, village rep Piddletrenthide, housing

Focus Groups & Members
Environment Group

Peter Chance, Lucy Johnston, Annie Soul, Richard Cake, Paul Johns

Transport Group

Neil Herbert, John Cox, Peter Chance, Matt Soul, Janet Keen, Dave Abbott, Paul Johns

Housing Group

Malcolm Johnston, John Browning, Jane Willitts, Phil Gardiner, Richard Cake, Paul Johns, Gill Christian

Business Group

Ian Messer, Phil Gardiner, Annie Soul, Paul Johns

Energy Group

Dot Browning, Malcolm Johnston, Neil Herbert, Paul Johns