Neighbourhood Plan

This page contains information about the way Localism, particularly in the Planning Process through development of a Neighbourhood Plan, will be implemented by the Parish Council.

We will keep you informed through these pages of developments, information and requests for assistance as the project develops.

Please visit these pages reqularly if you are interested in how Localism in the Piddle Valley, and particularly the Neighbourhood Plan, will affect you.



If anyone is interested in any way in contributing their skills, knowledge or enthusiasm to any part of the work being undertaken by the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group, please would you let us know. This is your opportunity to assist in shaping the future of the Piddle Valley.

The next stage will involve quite a lot of work and as the saying goes - "Many hands make light work". The more help there is, the less the workload on any individual.

Your contribution can be as simple as delivering leaflets or taking meeting notes right through to specialist technical knowledge and advice.

There is a simple form available here to let us know how you can help. Any assistance would be greatly welcome.


The Localism Act came into force in 2011. It provides, amongst many other things, that the Local Community (in this case the Parish Council) will become much more involved in the decision making process of Local Government. In our case that particularly means the Planning Process.

Generally, if the Parish have a formally adopted Neighbourhood Plan, which sets out their expectations of things they do and do not wish to see in their community, the Distict Council must take this into account when making planning decisions. If there is no Neighbourhood Plan, the District Council will be entitled to decide as they think fit. This may not suit the Community or it's needs.

On 31st January 2012 the Parish Council therefore decided to set up a Neighbourhood Plan Working Group to consider the issues, reflect local aspirations and opportunitites and develop and update the existing Village Plan and Piddle Valley Design Statement. How this is progressing is in the Working Groups reports (see Index).

Links to the Legislation

A copy of the Localism Act can be found at

Plain English Guide to the Localism Act" (NB. The link given for this on page 47 of March 2012 News and Views has been superseded)

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