Alton Pancras

Alton Pancras History Project

Formed in 2005 to record the history of all the houses in the village and the people who lived in them. Although always a small population, thousands have lived here, often briefly, the majority connected to farm work. Enquiries from family historians from UK and overseas are by far the most frequent requests for information.

A 100-page book "Alton Pancras People and Houses 1841-2006" was published in 2006 but is unfortunately long out of print. Copies are however available for loan from Dorchester lending library and via the Mobile library.

An information folder is kept near the font in the church for reference, especially the plan and brief details of those commemorated on memorials in the churchyard and inside the church. There is also a handsome village map displayed opposite the lane which leads to the church.

We are keen to learn any details of who once lived in any house, and pleased to help with any information collected from people worldwide, and from every known archive.

Contact: Colin Dean 01300 348524

A Village Map, beautifully illustrated by Terry Whitworth, has been produced for Alton Pancras. It can be viewed here

It is quite large and may take some time to download. It will open in a separate window.

There are now:-

1) a detailed "Time Line" of the Village History from 891 to 2015 available in a separate window, via this link

2) A brief description of all dwellings/houses/cottages etc known to have stood in this linear village, and occasionally mentions people known/thought to have lived in them, and an approximate 'date', also available in a separate window, via this link.