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These have now been installed in their outdoor permanent positions in protective housings and are available 24 hours per day for anyone to use.

The Locations are:

  • Phone box in Alton Pancras.
  • Car Park of Brace of Pheasants in Plush.
  • Memorial Hall wall in Piddletrenthide.
  • Phone Box at South View, White Lackington.
  • Village Hall wall in Piddlehinton.
  • Rugby Club pavilion at Enterprise Park.

These machines are designed to be "fool-proof" in use and training is not essential. They give verbal instructions at every step of the way from being switched on and they will NOT provide a shock to the patient unless it is required.

Most of the Parish Councillors and several villagers have already attended training in the Memorial Hall to better understand how they work and the additional steps to be taken to make treatment of a heart attack more effective - mainly to dial 999 immediately and about the critical importance, and technique, of giving CPR from the start while sending someone else to get the defibrillator.

We are hoping to run further courses and details will be advertised here, in News & Views and on the Notice Boards in due course.

These courses are free. If you would like to attend (I personally found it very useful and informative), Please contact Councillor Bernard Clifton. Tel: 01300 348652

Newsletter November 2018 - VETS system

The VETS system, mentioned below, is now in operation.

The number to dial is 01300 452101

Its place in an emergency is:

  • commence CPR on the casualty IMMEDIATELY.
  • Send someone else to call for an ambulance. It is critical to patient survival that CPR is started immediately and not stopped until the ambulance crew have taken over.
  • If you feel that the defibrillator is necessary, send someone to call the VETS number. Leave the requested details and the system will then contact all the volunteers until someone responds and will collect the nearest defibrillator and deliver it to the incident

Newsletter 10/02/18

Work continues by the working group to set up the VETS (Village Emergency Telephone System) which will provide contact numbers of people willing to help in the event of a defibrillator being required in an emergency situation. We are working at producing maps of all addresses in the villages to assist with locating properties. These maps will be stored in the defibrillator cabinets.

Although we put a request in the last News and Views for volunteers for the VETS, we have not received any offers. Please consider if you could be a volunteer. You do not have to be always available, and you do not have to respond if you get a call if you are unable. The more people we have on the system,the more likely it is that someone will be available to help.

Please contact lynn.warren@btinternet.com, or leave a message on 01300 348566. Please include your name, contact number, which village you live in, and the best time to contact you. we will get back to you as soon as we can.

We are also still working with SEE to reconnect the electrical power supply to the Alton Pancras telephone box to power the heater that is necessary to keep the defibrillator at an optimum temperature.

Just to let you all know, in the last month both the Piddlehinton and the Piddletrenthide defibrillators were deployed to people who fell ill. Luckily, on both occasions they were not required.

Newsletter 10/10/17

The Piddletrenthide and Alton Pancras defibrillators have already been deployed, fortunately neither were needed. But, they were there!


A further 14 people recently attended training events. That is a total of approx. 50 who have now received defibrillator awareness and CPR training. Thank you to all those who attended.

We intend to run more free "pop-in" sessions in the New Year for those of you who just want to come and see a Defibrillator and how it works and also 2 hour free training sessions will be held in the New Year if people express an interest. Please keep an eye on Noticeboards, this web page or News & Views.


Could you be someone that can help in an emergency?

This is an additional service which will provide a single telephone number to access help in an emergency to those that find themselves alone or remote. It can be set up to cover the whole of the Piddle Valley Parish Council area.

The idea is that a person dials 999 and then the VETS number. The VETS number immediately rings out to ten designated people (good samaritans) in the village simultaneously. When one of the designated individuals accepts the emergency call the nine other phones stop ringing.

The responder could be asked to help in a number of ways. Anything from directing ambulances to a property or fetching the defibrillator from its location. Alternatively, if the casualty is on a remote footpath the responder will be able to advise emergency service staff.

We are in the process of purchasing this system and names are being gathered of people who are willing to help. If you think you could be one of these people, please contact one of your Parish Councillors who will forward to the Working Group.

Would the Emergency Services Find Your Property?

Even in these days of SatNavs, postcodes in Rural areas like the Piddle Valley generally do not take you to an exact property, and some mobile phones don't work in the Piddle Valley.

Is your house name/number and/or road name obvious? Is it hidden by greenery? If you live down a lane, is the name of the lane clear to the Emergency Services? Please consider this to enable all emergency services to find you in an emergency.

And once again, a huge thankyou to all of you who have contributed to the fund, attended training events, or have already volunteered to be part of the VETS system.

Newsletter 08/08/2017

Great News...thanks to the combined efforts of the Piddle Valley Community our fundraising has reached just over £9,500. This amount will enable us to fund this project for the next 9 years.

Special thanks to those clubs/organisations/individuals who have committed to an annual donation.

We also need to thank Hardy Signs for producing, free of charge, the signs that you will soon see around the Villages directing you to your nearest defibrillator.

Where we are ....

All defibrillator sites are now registered with the Community Heart beat Trusts free on-line facility (WebNos) for the maintenance and management of the defibrillators. This also ensures that the Ambulance Service are aware of the locations and the availability of the defibrillators.

Where we would like to be.....

There is an additional Service that we will be purchasing to make this project complete. VILLAGE EMERGENCY TELEPHONE (V.E.T.S)

This is an additional service which will provide a single telephone number to access help for a resident or visitor in an emergency. The idea is that a person dials 999 and then the VETS number. The VETS number immediately rings out to ten designated people (good samaritans) in the village simultaneously. When one of the designated individuals accepts the emergency call the nine other phones stop ringing.

A third of all 999 calls are from lone rescuers, so getting help to them quickly is important. In the Piddle Valley, many householders live alone or remotely, so the VETS number will provide added support and reassurance. The responder could be asked to help in a number of ways. Anything from directing ambulances to a property or fetching the defibrilator from its location. Alternatively, if the casualty is on a remote footpath the responder will be able to advise emergency service staff.

Over the years, paramedics have experienced repeated difficulties locating properties and casualties in the Piddle Valley. This has resulted in delays and paramedics running on foot to access properties on occasions. The VETS number will enable residents to support each other in any kind of emergency and get help to individuals quickly.

Due to the geography of the Piddle Valley we would like to purchase 3 V.E.T.S systems to cover the areas of Piddlehinton & White Lackington, Piddletrenthide & Plush, Alton Pancras.

The scheme is free for the first year, and then a set up fee of £45, and then costs £100/year.

We will be asking those that have already had defibrillator familiarisation training if they will be willing to be part of this scheme, but would welcome anyone who is willing to take part in this scheme - contact one of your Parish Councillors who can forward your details to the defibrillator group.


A further date for training will be arranged in September/October. We will contact those on the waiting list, but anyone else wishing to take part in training please contact any of your Parish Councillors who can forward your details to the defibrillator group.

Newsletter 01/07/2017

The defibrillators are now in their permanent positions and available 24 hours a day.

We need to thank the following people -

Paul Green, Pete Hiscock and Jo Sherwood for helping to get the Plush defibrillator fixings in place.

Bernard Clifton for spending 2 days working with the Community Heart Beat Trust Electricians.

The Poachers Inn, The Piddle Inn, the Brace of Pheasants and The Thimble Inn for having the defibrillators until they could be moved to their permanent locations.

The Trustees of Piddletrenthide Memorial Hall, Piddlehinton Village Hall, The Brace of Pheasants and Puddletown Rugby Club for agreeing to host the defibrillators on a permanent agreement.

A total of 35 people attended the two very informative training events held.

Our stall at the Alton Pancras fete attracted a lot of interest, and we will be at both Piddletrenthide and Piddlehinton fetes to spread awareness, gather names for further training, and of course, try to raise funds.

BUT, please do not think that the project is finished. There are further enhancements that we can add to make the project bigger and better, but of course this depends on funds. Please come and talk to us at the Fetes to learn more.

Here is a reminder if you wish to contribute to the fund:

1. COLLECTION BOXES have been placed in the shops and pubs located throughout the Valley

2. ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS can be made using the following account details - HSBC - Acc No: 21224239, Sort Code: 40-19-21, Reference: DEFIB

3. CONTRIBUTIONS CAN ALSO BE GIVEN TO ANY OF THE PIDDLE VALLEY PARISH COUNCILLORS. Please place cash or cheques in a sealed envelope. Cheques should be made payable to "Piddle Valley Parish Council" and marked "defibrillator" on the back to make sure it goes into the correct account.

A total of £9,484.00 has been received so far. Our total to maintain the project is £12,000. Thanks to those that have contributed since the last News and Views Magazine. £39 from collecting boxes in the Piddle Valley £25 Mrs Read, £20 Mrs Patch, £100 Piddletrenthide Lunch Club.

And thank you to those who have contributed electronically, who we cannot identify from the Bank Account, and those who have put money in the collection boxes.

May 2017 - 5 Defibrillators have now been purchased by the Parish Council.

Fund Raising

We are pleased to announce that the Parish Council have secured funding from Scottish and Southern Electric Resilience Fund, who have contributed £4,729 towards the purchasing of the cabinets that will house the defibrillators.

We would also like to thank those that have contributed so far-

  • Alton Pancras Trust
  • News and Views
  • Jackie Cuff
  • Mr and Mrs Walsh
  • Mr and Mrs Osgood
  • Buckland Newton Trust
  • Abbotts Taxis
  • Piddlehinton Fete Committee
  • Piddletrenthide Village Hall, to commemorate John Watermans long service as Chairman.
  • Weymouth Radio Control Car club - will be donating the subs collected at their 23rd December meeting.
  • Anonymous Donations & Those that have placed donations in the collecting tins located around the villages.

These donations amount to approx £8600. This is a huge amount in a very short space of time. We estimate the total cost to be £12000, which will ensure the defibrillators are maintained in to the future.

The phone boxes will need cleaning and painting, the defibs will need electrical connections for the heaters, the hire of locations for training, trainers, and there will be ongoing costs for batteries and other consumables.

We would ask that you, your business or your club consider donating to this life saving project.


There are now 6 defibrillators in the Piddle Valley, but how many of you know how to use them, or where they are? The ones we have purchased are very user friendly, but we are sure that you would feel more confident should you ever need to use one, if you have been shown how.

The Piddle Valley Parish Council would therefore like to arrange some familiarisation sessions, perhaps combined with some CPR training in the New Year.

The sessions will be for all ages, so why not come along and learn a life saving skill, and enjoy a free cup of tea or coffee.

Please contact one of the defib group and leave your name, contact number and which village you are in, so that we can arrange some dates and locations.

Aug 2016 - The Parish Council has made a succsessful Grant Application to the British Heart Foundation and is now purchasing 5 defibrillators for placing through the Valley. Several generous donations towards the purchase, installation and running costs have been received. Anyone wishing to suport this cause can make a cash or cheque donation to any Parish Councillor.

31/05/15 - This is still ongoing, with an application being made to the British Heart Foundation for grant funding for a number of defibrulators to be postioned in the valley. Further information will be published as available.

01/03/15 - This is still under consideration, but before any final decision is taken, the Parish Council would like to gauge the number of volunteers who may be available to operate the scheme. What is needed is people who are likely to be in the village most of the time and, if contacted by the Ambulance service, would be able to immediately collect the machine from its storage location and deliver it to the site of the incident. Full training would be given. It is thought that there needs to be at least 5 volunteers available close to the storage location, so that there should be at least one person who would be available at any given moment.

Please contact any of the Parish Councillors, or email mail@whitepuppy.co.uk if you feel you would be able to volunteer, for a completely "without prejudice" discussion of what may be entailed. The storage location for the machine would probably be determined mostly by the availability of volunteers.

Remember - the ambulance service will not be able to get to the Valley in under 10-15 minutes. Restarting a heart needs to be done in the first 10 minutes ( assuming CPR is also being carried out) to be effective.

29/07/14 - The Parish Council is looking into the possibility of providing a portable defibrulator for use within the Valley, probably sited by Memorial Hall. The cost will be about £2700-£3000.If anyone is interested in contributing to, or sponsoring, this vital piece of life-saving kit, please contact your Parish Councillor to discuss. Buckland Newton have a similar piece of equipment and confirm that the arrangements for its possible use are very simple and clear. They also advise that it can take an ambulance up to 45 minutes to get to them in an emergency!