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These have now been installed in their outdoor permanent positions in protective housings and are available 24 hours per day for anyone to use.

The Locations are:

  • Phone box in Alton Pancras. >
  • Car Park of Brace of Pheasants in Plush.
  • Memorial Hall wall in Piddletrenthide.
  • Phone Box at South View, White Lackington.
  • Village Hall wall in Piddlehinton.
  • Rugby Club pavilion at Enterprise Park.Temporarily withdrawn due to vandalism.

These machines are designed to be "fool-proof" in use and training is not essential. They give verbal instructions at every step of the way from being switched on and they will NOT provide a shock to the patient unless it is required.

Most of the Parish Councillors and several villagers have already attended training in the Memorial Hall to better understand how they work and the additional steps to be taken to make treatment of a heart attack more effective - mainly to dial 999 immediately and about the critical importance, and technique, of giving CPR from the start while sending someone else to get the defibrillator.

We are hoping to run further courses and details will be advertised here, in News & Views and on the Notice Boards in due course.

These courses are free. If you would like to attend (I personally found it very useful and informative), Please contact Parish Councillor Jenny Sherwood. Tel: 01300 348037