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Statutory Consultation documents

Listed in closing date order


CLOSED CONSULTATIONS - for information only

"Let's Talk Libraries" Consultation - Closes 2nd December 2018

Joint Local Plan review for West Dorset, Weymouth & Portland. Closes 8th October 2018


Dorchester Wednesday Market Survey - Closed 13 May 2018

Chideock Bypass Working Group (A35).

Dorset Mineral & Waste consultation - closes 31 January 2018

Dorset Clinical Services review - closes 28 Feb 2017

Concessionary Bus Pass scheme - Closes 13 Jan 2017

Dorset Waste Partnership proposal to charge for new, replacement or larger bins for some residents. - Closes 18/11/2016

A combined Authority for Dorset - Closed 17/06/2016. Report 10/12/16

Mobile Library Service - Further changes proposed - Closes 14/05/2016

WDDC Referendum on Cabinet or Committee management - Closes 05/05/2016

Bus service consultation (Plush) - Closes 11/02/2016

Nitrate reduction proposals - Poole Harbour. To 20/11/2015

District Council Service review. To 12/11/2015

H M Courts and Tribunals Service Estates Reform. To 08/10/2015

Electoral Review of Dorset: draft & Final recommendations - 07/10/2015

BBC Local Radio for Dorset. To 28/09/2015

Bournemouth, Dorset & Poole Draft Waste Plan. To 23/09/2015

Mobile Library Changes - Consultation. 13 July - 4 September

Current Consultations
Let's Talk Libraries consultation

The Let's Talk Libraries consultation - it consists of just a few multichoice questions to understand the needs in Dorset, this is not related to funding.

Here is the link to the Let's talk Libraries page for engagement information www.dorsetforyou.com/talklibraries> and the direct survey link The Let's Talk Libraries survey is available online.

CLOSED CONSULTATIONS - now for information only
Joint Local Plan review for West Dorset, Weymouth & Portland. Closes 8th October 2018

A public consultation will run from 13 August to 8 October across West Dorset, Weymouth and Portland

The Local Plan sets out a long term strategy to meet future development needs. It covers important issues like where housing could be built.

We are reviewing the Local Plan and would like to know what you think.

To view the Preferred Options for the Local Plan Review and have your say, visit www.dorsetforyou.com/local-plan-review from 13 August 2018.


Thank you for taking part in our #BeHeard view seeking. In case you haven’t had chance to see the reports yet, they can be found here www.dorsetsvision.nhs.uk/beheard/. We are now delighted to invite you to our first co-design event.

The event is for Dorset’s Children, Young People, their families, health professionals and service planners to work together to improve community health services for children and young people in Dorset.


#BeHeard #WeHeard - Your opportunity to help shape Dorset’s integrated children’s community health services

Our first co-design event details are:

  • When: 23rd October 2018
  • Where: Blandford School, Milldown Road, Blandford Forum, DT11 7SQ
  • Start: Refreshments at 10am ready for a welcome at 10.30am
  • End: 3pm

We think you will enjoy the agenda, which is:

  • Welcome
  • Thank you #BeHeard #WeHeard
  • The barriers and gaps #WeHeard
  • Lunch
  • Let's remove the barriers and close the gaps together
  • Next steps
  • Close

Please confirm you attendance with us at www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/BeHeardEvent by the 9th October 2018.

If you have any questions please contact - Claire Lawrenson, Senior Programme Lead, Primary and Community Care Directorate. Canford House, Discovery Court Business Centre, 551-553 Wallisdown Road, Poole. BH12 5AG. Tel: 07884476450 Email: claire.lawrenson@dorsetccg.nhs.uk Web: www.dorsetccg.nhs.uk Twitter: @DorsetCCG

Please note my working days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Dorchester Wednesday Market Survey

A survey bty West Dorset District Council regarding use of the Market. Their email says:

"I wanted to flag up to you a survey that West Dorset District Council is currently running. The survey asks respondents about how they currently use [or not] the Dorchester Wednesday market.

The aim is to establish feedback and comments from residents and visitors to the County town market, in order to glean insights in to how the market could be improved. Running alongside this are relevant studies in order to help us re-define the market.

The survey and further information can be found here: https://news.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/2018/04/12/dorchester-market/

There is no talk of the council supporting any kind of closure of the market. We only want to look at the opportunities to enhance it. Any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch,

Alex Cummins, Communications Officer. T: 01305 252451. acummins@dorset.gov.uk, www.dorsetforyou.com"

Chideock Bypass proposals (A35)

A request has been received from Chideock Bypass Working Group, via the Parish Council, for public comments and support from Dorset Residents on proposals for a bypass for the village of Chideock ( West of Bridport on the A35).

Their letter, supporting documents and links to a petition to the Government is available to view by this link.

Dorset Mineral & Waste consultation - closes 31 January 2018

Last chance to have your say on future minerals and waste sites

The full notification to the Parish Council can be found here

Dorset County Council advise that the final draft Mineral Sites Plan and Waste Plan will be open for public consultation between 1 December 2017 and 31 January 2018. The revised documents give detailed information about future quarries and waste management facilities throughout the county.

The Waste Plan includes proposals at BOURNE PARK, PIDDLEHINTON for GREEN WASTE COMPOSTING. The Mineral Sites Plan includes proposals for sand and gravel extraction east of Dorchester around Woodsford and Moreton. In addition, a Sand and Gravel Area of Search has been designated to facilitate the further development of sand and gravel sites to maintain supply.

Cllr Daryl Turner, Cabinet Member for Natural and Built Environment, said "We are pleased that so many residents took part in a series of consultations over the last few years. Many of their concerns have been incorporated into the plans, and we want to encourage people to review the documents and give us their views during the final consultation in December. The Plans should ensure that we protect Dorset's environment whilst building a sustainable economy for the future."

For more information, go to www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/minerals-and-waste or call 01305 228585/224675

Dorset Clinical Services review - closes 28 Feb 2017

Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group advise that the public consultation phase of the Clinical Services Review will begin across the county from 1 December 2016 until 28 February 2017.

The Clinical Services Review was launched in response to major challenges which health and care face both in Dorset and across the rest of the country. These include:

  • a growing population with more people living longer
  • an increasing demand on services
  • workforce shortages that will be difficult to fill
  • variations in the quality of care
  • a potential funding gap of at least £158m per year by 2020

Copies of the consultation document - Improving Dorset's healthcare - will be widely available throughout Dorset initially via GP practices and hospitals and we are encouraging everyone to get involved. If you would like to request copies along with supporting materials to send to your networks or contacts please contact us via communications@dorsetccg.nhs.uk

Anyone who doesn't have access to the internet can find out where to pick up a copy of the consultation document and questionnaire by calling 01202 541946.

Over the coming weeks there will also be numerous opportunities to get involved with events being scheduled throughout the county.

Throughout the consultation the latest updates will be given out via social media channels twitter.com/DorsetCCG and Facebook.com/NHSDorsetCCG or online via www.dorsetsvision.nhs.uk

Further information is available online.

Should you have any queries or questions please contact us via communications@dorsetccg.nhs.uk

Healthwatch Dorset

Healthwatchdorset are also canvassing for opinion on the matter, together with a request for your opinion on how effective is the consultaion. Further details of their interest is available here

Concessionary Bus Pass scheme - Closes 13 Jan 2017

Dorset County Council has suffered significant reductions in its financial settlements from Central Government. Dorset County Council is proposing changes to its concessionary travel scheme to meet these financial pressures.

The concessionary travel scheme currently provides the statutory minimum provision of free travel between 0930 and 2300 on Monday to Friday and at all times on weekends and public holidays. The scheme also allows free concessionary travel before 0930 on services where the next bus is not until after 1030. Free all day travel is available for blind and partially sighted pass holders. There is an additional companion scheme which allows individuals with certain disabilities the option of having a companion travel for free within Dorset. Concessionary pass holders from East Dorset are also granted free all day travel when starting their journey in East Dorset. This is an enhancement funded by East Dorset District Council for its own residents with a valid concessionary pass.

Dorset Travel proposes the following changes to Dorset's Concessionary Pass Scheme:

Removal of free travel before 0930 on routes that have no other services until after 1030.

The companion scheme, free travel before 0930 for blind and partially sighted pass holders and additional concessions provided to East Dorset pass holders will continue as they are now.

Dorset County Council is consulting a wide range of people about the proposals above. We are keen to hear your views and want to know how these changes could affect you. The results of this consultation will help us to decide the next steps. You can have your say by completing a survey which is available at www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/travel-dorset/concessionary-passes-consultation

The consultation runs for six weeks from 1 December until 13 January. The results of the consultation, the Cabinet decision and any implementation information will be published on the web-page above. Any changes to the concessionary pass scheme will be implemented in Spring 2017.

Dorset Waste Partnership is looking at options for savings on the future supply of new bins for some residents. - Closes 18/11/2016

DWP are developing proposals to charge new properties for provision of waste containers. Replacement of existing containers (if damaged or lost), larger containers for larger households and additional rubbish containers for households using disposable nappies would also be charged for.

Please complete the opinion survey at https://www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/new-containers-consultation

A combined authority for Dorset

10/12/2016 - DCC Report on the outcome is here.

June 2016 - Alongside talk of unitary and devolution, you may have heard the phrase "combined authority" coming up a lot recently. But what does it actually mean and how would you be affected?

The nine councils across Dorset have been working together on proposals for a combined authority. A combined authority would see them working as one democratically-accountable body around the areas of economic development, regeneration and transport. We've now got to the point where we want to hear from local people and businesses about those proposals. The consultation is open now and runs until 17 June 2016.

Why is a combined authority a good idea for Dorset?

  • As we are already aware councils need to transform the way they work in order to be fit for the future - this is the first step in that direction
  • A combined authority would provide Dorset with the certainty of structure and accountability to be successful in any devolution deal with Government
  • A combined authority would give Dorset one strong voice when bidding for funding or inward investment
  • A combined authority would provide speedier decision-making on issues related to strategic economic growth and strategic transport for the area

Six combined authorities have already been established nationally with many other areas also working towards this arrangement. This is an exciting opportunity for Dorset to be part of national change.

Please take a look at our combined authority pages at www.dorset-combined-authority.uk and use the short online form to tell us what you think about the proposals. It's a chance for each of us to have a say about an important change to the local government landscape in Dorset.

Once the consultation has closed results will be collected, shared with the Secretary of State and then go onto inform Government's decision on establishing a combined authority in Dorset.

Please note this consultation is about Dorset's proposal for a combined authority and is not about unitary options. If you have any questions, please contact Steph Lyons at S.Lyons@dorsetcc.gov.uk or on 01305 224271.

Mobile Library Service - Further changes proposed - Closes 14/05/2016

DCC is starting another round of consultations on the future of the Mobile Library service, and possibly its removal. They are looking at alternatives such as extending the Home Library service in partnership with the Royal Voluntary Service, encouraging travel to the main libraries by car sharing, good neighbour schemes etc.

Details and forms are available from the main Libraries and the Mobile Library and on-line at www.dorsetforyou.com/mobile-library-consultation . The consultation ends on 14th May 2016. Please comment upon the proposals and ensure that any of your neighbours who use the mobile library are aware of the consultation.

WDDC Referendum on Cabinet or Committee management

On the 5 May 2016 the District Council will be holding a Referendum to ask registered electors how they would like the District Council to be run. The poll will be combined with the election of a Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset and, in the Loders area, a Neighbourhood Planning Referendum.

For the Referendum on the Way that West Dorset District Council is run :-

On the ballot papers, the choices are either:

  • by a leader who is an elected Councillor chosen by a vote of the other elected councillors (how the council is run now), or
  • by one, or more, committees made up of elected councillors (a change from how it is run now).

As part of making sure electors get an informed choice on what a new system would look like we have available a copy of the outline of a different system (if it were to change) and this is available on our website for inspection here at as well as the current way the council operates (the current Constitution)

To vote in the polls on the 5 May electors will need to be included on the electoral register by Monday 18 April 2016. Register to vote here

Applications to vote by post must be received by 5pm on Tuesday 19 April and applications to vote by proxy must be received by 5pm on Tuesday 26 April. The address to submit applications is to the Electoral Registration Officer, South Walks House, South Walks Road, Dorchester DT1 1UZ or by email to http://www.dorsetforyou.com/proxy

Thank you very much for all your help. Mrs Sue Bonham-Lovett AEA (Cert), Electoral Services Manager www.dorsetforyou.com/elections

Bus service consultation (Plush) - Closes 11/02/2016

DCC are proposing a number of cuts in bus services and one proposal that will affect the valley is service 323 from Piddletrenthide to Mappowder via Plus, on Tuesdays. There is a public consultation on the proposals which can be viewed at www.dorsetforyou.com/2016-rural-bus-review.

The statement from DCC is "The majority of local bus services in Dorset are operated by commercial bus companies and are run for profit. However Dorset County Council subsidises many uneconomical bus services in rural areas.

The council needs to reduce the spend on public transport subsidy by £500,000 from a review of rural bus services. The budget reduction will predominantly remove subsidy for services that run once or twice a week. Instead, the council will support the on-going development of community based transport schemes which can often better meet local needs.

To meet the council's target of saving £500,000 in 2016/17, the changes would need to be in place from April.

In light of the funding settlement from central government, further public transport subsidy reductions will be needed for the 2017/18 financial year. However, no work has been done beyond what is outlined in this consultation."

Nitrate reduction proposals - Poole Harbour.

The Borough of Poole is coordinating a public consultation on the draft SPD on behalf of the local authorities that share the catchment of Poole Harbour, including North Dorset District Council, Purbeck District Council and West Dorset District Council.

As the population of the catchment increases, so does the amount of wastewater and ultimately the amount of nitrogen that enters watercourses that drain into the Harbour. Excessive nitrates in the Harbour causes algal mats which restricts the food available for wading birds, which are protected under European law. Therefore the local authorities as the decision makers on planning applications for development within the catchment have to ensure that there is no adverse impact upon the protected birds. The draft SPD sets out how the four local authorities will mitigate the impact of development.

The six week consultation commences on Friday 9 October and closes on Friday 20 November 2015. The draft SPD is available at www.poole.gov.uk/planning-and-buildings/planning/ldp/spds/nitrogen-reduction/. Paper copies are available in all local libraries and each local authority's planning reception, during their normal opening hours.

Comments can be submitted preferably by email to planning@poole.gov.uk with 'Nitrogen SPD' typed into the subject box. Alternatively, any postal submissions should be sent to: Planning Policy and Implementation, Planning and Regeneration Services including Building Consultancy, Borough of Poole, Civic Centre, Poole, BH15 2RU.

District Council Service Reviews

Weymouth and Portland, and West Dorset residents and businesses are being asked to have their say on two district and borough council service reviews.

A formal public consultation is being launched today (Thursday 17 September) to gain views on the future management of and support to the following services:

West Dorset:

  • Support to West Dorset Partnership and Local Area Partnerships
  • Support to Community and Voluntary Organisations

The options and proposals contained within these reviews are based on stakeholder engagement.

For more information and to have your say please click here. The survey will close at 5pm on Thursday 12 November.

H M Courts and Tribunals Service Estates Reform.

A proposal to create a modern, efficient Court service, by consoliatin the number of Courts and upgrading facilites. It appears that Dorchester Crown Court is being considered for closure under these proposal.

The explanatory letter can be read here, full details are available on the Ministry of Justice website at https://consult.justice.gov.uk/digital-communications/proposal-on-the-provision-of-court-and-tribunal-es

Consultation closes 8th October 2015


The Commission has now completed its review of Dorset. A summary of the Commission's report setting out our final recommendations for Dorset County Council, which is published today, is available on our website, http://www.lgbce.org.uk/current-reviews/south-west/dorset/dorset-county-council. An interactive map of final recommendations is also available at https://consultation.lgbce.org.uk/node/3824.

The changes proposed for Dorset County Council must now be implemented by order subject to Parliamentary scrutiny. A draft Order - the legal document which brings into force the recommendations - will be laid in Parliament. The draft Order will provide for new electoral arrangements for Dorset to be implemented at the local elections in 2017.


The consultation has closed, details are for information only, now.

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has published draft recommendations on the future electoral arrangements for Dorset County Council. Today is the start of an eight week public consultation on the Commission's draft recommendations on new division boundaries across Dorset. The consultation closes on 6 July 2015.

View the draft recommendations

You can view the Commission's draft recommendations at https://consultation.lgbce.org.uk/node/3824 where you can find interactive maps, a report and guidance on how to have your say. The Commission has not finalised its conclusions and now invites representations on the draft recommendations.

Also, available here, is a summary outlining the Commission's draft recommendations:

An interactive map of the Commission's recommendations for Dorset, electorate figures and guidance on how to propose new electoral divisions is available on the consultation area at: https://consultation.lgbce.org.uk/node/3824. Further information about the review and the Commission's work is also published on their website at: http://www.lgbce.org.uk/current-reviews/south-west/dorset/dorset-county-council.

Have your say

We encourage everyone who has a view on the draft recommendations to contact us whether you support them or whether you wish to propose alternative arrangements.

Before finalising the recommendations, the Commission will consider every representation received during consultation whether it is submitted by an individual, a local group or an organisation. We will weigh each submission against the criteria the Commission must follow when drawing up electoral arrangements:

  • To deliver electoral equality where each county councillor represents roughly the same number of electors as others across the county.
  • That the pattern of divisions should, as far as possible, reflect the interests and identities of local communities.
  • That the electoral arrangements should provide for effective and convenient local government.

It is important that you take account of the criteria if you are suggesting an alternative pattern of divisions. You can find additional guidance and information about previous electoral reviews on our website to help you or your organisation make a submission.

Get in touch

The Commission welcomes comments on the recommendations report by 6 July 2015. Representations should be made:

  • Through our interactive consultation portal where you can explore the maps of the recommendations, draw your own boundaries and supply comments at: https://consultation.lgbce.org.uk/node/3824.
  • By email to: reviews@lgbce.org.uk.
  • Or in writing to:

    Review Officer (Dorset),
    Local Government Boundary Commission for England,
    14th Floor,
    Millbank Tower
    SW1P 4QP.

The Commission aims to publish every response it receives during phases of consultation. If you do not want all or any part of your response or name to be made public, you must state this clearly in the response. Any such request should explain why confidentiality is necessary. All responses may be subject to publication or disclosure as required by law (in particular under the Freedom of Information Act 2000).

This is the last opportunity to influence the Commission's recommendations before they are finalised. We therefore encourage local people to get in touch with us and have their say. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely, Lucy Ward, Review Officer. reviews@lgbce.org.uk TEl: 0330 500 1281

Please note as of 27 April we will have new contact details. Our new address is LGBCE, 14th Floor, Millbank Tower, Millbank, London, SW1P 4QP. Our new telephone number is 0330 500 1525.

BBC Local Radio for Dorset

There is a new window of opportunity to lobby the BBC to provide a truly local, Dorchester based, Radio Dorset. At present, we largely only get Radio Solent with a few local items addedd occasionally.

The email from Ken Pett, founder of the Dorset Broadcasting Action Group (DorBAG) is available here, with more information.

See also the www.bbc.co.uk/bbctrust/news/press_releases/2015/local_radio_review

Consultation closes 28 September 2015

Bournemouth, Dorset & Poole Draft Waste Plan.

Contains site spcific proposals for dealing with the Waste Management strategy for the County. Several potential sites have been identified around Dorchester for various facilites that are seen to be required. None currently appear to affect the Pidle Valley, but pleae read the documentation and respond to DCC if you so wish.

Consultations close 5.00pm on 23rd September 2015.

There will be public exhibitions at Dorchester Library on 1st September, 3.00-6.30pm and Moreton Village Hall on 3rd September, 3.00-7.00pm

The draft documents can be found on www.dorsetforyou.com/waste-plan

Mobile Library Changes - Consultation. 13 July - 4 September

Dorset County Council are considering changes to the Mobile Library round, which will affect the Valley. They have issued a consultation document and questionnaire.

The proposal, from April 2016, is to cease the visit to the Poachers Inn stop, due to lack of use. The van will stop at Paynes Close, Piddlehinton, on Fridays at 10.08am; Wightman's Orchard, Piddletrenthide at 10.50am and Holcombe Mead, Alton Pancras on Mondays at 9.20am.

If you wish to comment on these proposals, or know anyone who would be affected by them, please visit the Dorsetforyou website and complete the questionnaire.

Consultations close 4th September 2015.