The Bridge Educational Trust

(Registered Charity No 1068720)

The Bridge Educational Trust (Registered Charity No 1068720) was established in 1990 in memory of John Bridge, the last of the family which founded the Piddle Valley School in the middle of the 19th century.

The objects of the Trust are educational, and grants are given primarily to those wishing to study at school, college, university or other educational establishment.

Applications are particularly welcomed from residents of the Piddle Valley and its immediate neighbourhood. Normally applicants should be nearing the end of their school careers or have left school, though younger children with special educational needs may be considered.

The Trustees give priority to cases involving hardship or difficult family circumstances and where, without some assistance, the desired education, course or activity would not be possible. Special consideration is given to older people who may wish to start training for a particular career or other purpose, after normal education has been interrupted.

During the past year grants made by the Trust have included those to help university students with accommodation costs and equipment; to provide support for children with specific learning difficulties; and to provide training for adults hoping to change career.

Meetings of Trustees to consider applications are held three times a year, normally in February, June and September. Applications should be received at least two weeks before the meeting at which they are to be considered. Please check the date of the next meeting, and the closing date for applications on the Trust website at

Those wishing to apply can complete an application form online, or request a form by emailing the Trust Administrator at or by writing to the Trust c/o Piddle Valley First School, Piddletrenthide, DT2 7QL.

Further details of the work of the Trust can be found on the website but if you feel that you would like to discuss a possible application with one of the local Trustees, please contact one of the following: Hannah Murphy (01300 348564), Richard Drewe (01300 348253), Nick Harland (01300 348272), or Olivia Steven (01305 567095).

Richard Drewe, Chairman